Meet The Design Team

Marcia Griffin

Marcia started Restyled Interiors eight years ago with the intent to design home interiors which reflect the individual or families living in them.  Each client is unique and each design is a reflection of the person who calls this space home.  Marcia's eye for design is for beauty, comfort and functionality, with the belief that the home should be a sanctuary - a place to retreat from the outside world.  

Marcia's passion for all things beautiful is reflected in how she strives to bring that to her clients.  Along with her two daughters, Megan and Sara, she knows that Restyled Interiors is the type of company that helps homeowners love the homes they live in or assists them in helping potential buyers experience the 'feeling of home' when putting their house on the market.

Sara Stevens

Sara has had a love for design as far back as she can remember.  As a little girl she was constantly working with what she had to rearrange and reinvent the space around her, and nothing has changed.  Sara would not classify her style in one particular genre but finds joys in bringing pieces together in an array of styles and making them work cohesively in a space.  

Alongside her husband, Scott, Sara is raising their little ginger, Ava, and pup, Miles.  As their family grows and changes, she constantly looks for ways to make their home not only beautiful but also functional, and she always strives to do the same for clients.

Megan Danaher

When it comes to design and decor, it has been a long time hobby of Megan's and something she has always been passionate about. Simply put, Megan loves to make things beautiful.  She loves working with neutral colors; using natural elements, like wood and live plants; and layering with different textures.  Simple, clean, beautiful are words that inspire Megan every day.

Megan loves using her design ideas in her own home to create a beautiful and comfortable space for her husband, Mike, and her two young daughters, Riley and Teagan.  Megan hopes to do the same for her clients and create spaces they will love as well.